“My energy and motivation levels have increased dramatically. My body feels much cleaner and healthier. I have noticed it also is helping me to have enough energy to manage the busy lifestyle I lead which includes fitness everyday, teaching, studying and other daily activities that in the past had worn me out.”

Justin Wilkey

“A lot more energy, more awake, also have lost about 5kg in apx. 4 weeks (thanks to Adam). I am starting to tone up, heading towards that six pack goal (about 2 and a bit ATM)”

Troy Beagley

“I’ve really noticed the change in my body shape, I’ve lost weight (approx 3 kilos), I’m more toned and clothes are a lot looser on me. My energy levels are the biggest change for me. This is definitely a whole lifestyle change that I will stick to. I feel great.”

Kelly Swan

“I have recently completed a 4 week stint with Adam on the Wednesday night training group. I found that this session was a very useful program as I was able to workout effectively using resistance training despite the fact that I have chronic knee injuries. There is minimal running which I find hard to do, yet my cardio level is still increased with the use of weights and body weight exercises. Adam is very clear about how the exercise is to be performed to gain maximum benefit from it, but also provides options to cater to your strength and ability. He is very motivating and makes you believe that you can do much more than you thought of yourself. His bubbly nature make it easy to attend his sessions, and his firm approach to his training ensures you get the most possible out of the time that you are exercising. I felt that my age (49) was no barrier to the training session. Thanks Adam.”

Kate Banwell

“OMG Adam, I love you. Give you three weeks and you have transformed me. I fit into my size 10 bridesmaid dress, which I couldn’t do up before. Yay, so, so happy! Big xmas bonus for you.”

Selena Tragakis

“:):) OMG, OMG, OMG my pre pregnancy jeans!! Oh how I’ve missed you! My favourite jeans ever! Can’t believe they fit me again, thanks Adam 😉;)

Tabatha Puxley

“I’ve lost 5.5cm off my waist, 4cm off my hips. I’m stronger and more defined than I’ve ever been. Adams nutrition and lifestyle recommendations have made me feel cleaner and I have more energy than ever before. I highly recommend this”

Shiver Reddy

“Although I had been a long time gym user, in early 2007 I was clearly lacking motivation so decided to invest in a few personal training sessions.  Luckily, Adam just happened to be at the reception desk when I was making enquiries and we’ve been training together ever since.  Even after switching from Fitness First Holden Hill to Payneham in 2008, I have continued to train with Adam, quite simply because he is so good at what he does and training with him produces results.  The enthusiasm and commitment he has for his work is obvious and has always been a further source of motivation that comes across during our sessions.

 Since training with Adam, I have been a regular runner in the City to Bay (12km), Adelaide Half Marathon (21km) and in December 2010, successfully graded for my 3rd Degree Brown Belt in American Kenpo Karate (photo L to R: Sensei Graham Lelliott 8th Degree Black Belt, Madelene Pierce and Sensei Peter Tas 3rd Degree Black Belt).  On my part, this has required a high level of strength, fitness and mental toughness – components which have all greatly increased as a direct result of our training.

 My faith in Adam’s capabilities are such that next year, I am looking at running a women’s self defence course through my Kenpo School (Empty Hands Martial Arts) and have invited him to take part by teaching a strength and fitness component.”

 Madelene Pierce

May 2011


One Response to “Testimonials”

  1. jessica July 26, 2011 at 6:11 pm #

    I’ve been training with Adam for more then a year now and whilst ive had my ups and downs my training has really improved this year, thanks to Adams constant help, support and adivce and not to mention awesome training sessions that never fail to challenge and push the limits each time I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my fitness, strength and over all health. Since eating organic foods combined with training I have noticed my overall health has improved my immune system is alot stronger. Adam has really helped to improve my health, fitness and decrease my stress levels.. Thanks AT

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