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The answers to your excuses!

19 Jun

I know some of you out there want to know how do I get started on an exercise program. I write I lot of stuff for people who are already exercising but what if you’re currently not doing anything? I’ve had conversations with people and they say, “Yeah but Adam, I hate sweating.” or “I hate exercising. After I’ve done all I gotta do each day the last thing I want to do is something I hate.” And “I’ve tried exercising before, I started running for a bit in the mornings, but after a while my knees got too sore and I couldn’t do it anymore.” or “I walk around at work. Isn’t that enough?”

These are real excuses from real people, and I remember hearing one time, all problems are problems of the imagination and all solutions are solutions of the imagination. So if you’re thinking along those lines of exercise is a chore I hate, it’s too cold, I’m too sore, I don’t have the energy, I don’t enjoy it. All those kinds of thoughts, you’ve gotta come up with reasons TO exercise that are more powerful than your reasons to not exercise. It’s all in the mind.

So what you do is get out your whiteboard out, or a piece of paper or anything to write on, and write-up your reasons for not exercising then come up with solutions and better ways of thinking to counteract the excuses. Some examples are below.

Excuse: “I hate sweating.” Replace that thinking with “Sweating is a natural human response. I love sweating, it means I’m cleaning out my body of unwanted smelly toxins.” The skin is a major detoxification organ of the body and sweating is a great way to clean out toxins.

Excuse: “I hate exercising.” Well this one, you just haven’t found something you like to do. Different people like different environments to exercise in. Some people like outdoors, some indoors, some like team sports, some individual sports, some hiking or on the beach or in the gym, some like with people, some don’t like anyone around. Some like me, like a lot of these things. You just gotta experiment and find something you like. The body naturally is designed to move. Movement equals life. Stillness equals death. And it’s inbuilt in our sub conscious mind to stay alive.

Excuse: “I don’t know what to do.” Here you have motivation to exercise or you know the importance of it, but you don’t know where to start?

Well honestly you need to come see me or another experienced trainer to evaluate your current state of health and well-being. There’s no point going out on your own and starting a running program or exercise routine just because some magazine or celebratory endorses it. That’s just stupid. With exercise and health there’s no one size fits all approach that works for diet and exercise. Each individual needs to be evaluated properly including posture, stress levels, lifestyle, diet, water, sleep, exercise history, activity levels, current and previous injuries and most importantly what are your goals? Not everyone wants or needs to train like a professional athlete. All these variables will affect the results of your exercise program and what your exercise program should contain. Get the guidance you need.

Excuse: “It’s too cold.” C’mon now. This is easy. What do you do if you’re cold when you’re out and about? You wear more clothes. Same is true with exercise. Dress in layers so you can easily peel off layers as you start to warm up and as you cool down start to put the layers back on. That’s easy.

Excuse: “I don’t have the energy or my body hurts.” This is important as it indicates that the body is already under a lot of stress through poor sleep, lifestyle and nutrition habits. A body under a lot of stress is not going to respond positively to strenuous exercise. It’s just going to get even more run down and long-term going to lead to things such as suppression of the immune and reproductive systems, constant nagging injuries, continued tiredness aswell as burnt out adrenal glands.

Your goal here should be to get started doing cultivating energy exercises such as tai chi type movements, stretching, breathing exercises and positive meditations, while looking to improve your food and sleep quality as well as eliminating as much negative stress and energy from your life as possible so you can get to the point where your body will respond positively to exercise.

Excuse: “I don’t have time.” With this one you gotta seriously evaluate what you’re currently spending your 168 hours every week on. Time is the only thing equal among us in this world. Draw your week up hour by hour, day by day and honestly evaluate where you can execute things more efficiently. Where can you fit in exercise? I’m sure if you do the process properly you will see that it’s not time that is the problem, it’s that on your list of priorities, exercise and looking after yourself isn’t a priority for you.

You might find you’re putting things like watching The block or The voice, ahead of doing something that could really make a positive difference in your life like The exercise! It will seem a hard sell at first if your stuck in your tv watching routine, but in the long run, what’s the choice exercise and great health or watching TV and depression??? And you know what kind of happens if you continue to not pay attention to your health, eventually your body’s in-built natural desire to be healthy is going to get louder and louder until it’s eventually screaming at you through a megaphone, “Please look after me!!” And it’ll be in the form of constant joint pain, back pain, neck pain, be easily injured doing something really basic, back goes out easily, headaches, stomach pains, digestion issues, fungus infections, low energy, hormonal imbalances, tired all the time, no motivation, easily get sick, depression stuff like that or even bigger potential life ending issues like cancer, blocked arteries, stroke, brain tumours, diabetes and becoming infertile.

The symptoms of continued neglect will eventually get so much that all the other things that were SO important before in your life will become insignificant compared to your health and well-being. Pain is a powerful motivator. So what you gotta do is associate more pain to not exercising than to actually exercising. Some people need to see it or experience it themselves for it to be real to them. Just reading this or hearing something else similar won’t initiate action. Many people live in denial and put their head in the sand and think it’ll be alright, but inevitably slowly but surely the symptoms start to surface. Maybe they’re already happening? Find some videos on youtube or go to a hospital or talk to relatives and friends, research yourself and see the pain of neglect on the body. Do whatever you need to do to make it real for you to motivate you to look after yourself.

I get great pleasure when people tell me they’re addicted to exercise now. They never thought it would happen, but with consistency you DO get addicted to the great feelings of being healthy. I know for me it’s a great feeling being strong and healthy and in a good mood all the time, being able to run up mountains overtaking everyone along the way, doing advanced exercises and weights in the gym, playing hide and seek with the nieces and nephews, not picking up all the viruses that go around the gym, being happy, healthy as well as many other benefits! I highly endorse it. That’s what I write this stuff 🙂

I’ll finish with a quote again.





Utilising visualisation techniques

29 May

This blog I want to share with you a technique that you can use to help you overcome challenging situations which come up in all our lives. I’ve used it for quite some time and what it involves is if you’re going into a situation that is going to be challenging, then what you do is spend some time beforehand visualising in your mind exactly what you want to accomplish. See yourself succeeding, see yourself saying the right words, performing the right actions. It doesn’t just have to be one time either. In fact it’s more powerful when you repeat the positive images over and over so that it gets ingrained in your sub conscious mind. You can use this technique, for athletic and sports performance and in business and personal life.  

I’ve always used this technique before basketball games, where I visualise who I’m going up against, their individual & team tendencies so that as the game unfolds, I’ve already seen it in my mind’s eye. It enables me to react quicker to situations on the court and at some points anticipate what is going to happen. But enough about me and my basketball 🙂  

How can you use this visualisation technique to solve your individual challenges? Well if you’re a person that is easily influenced for example and you’re going to a social function where there’ll be a whole lot of dressed up sugar, salt, flour, pasteurized dairy (the 4 white devils) alcohol, and chemical food so common at these events, you can visualise yourself beforehand saying “no” to the temptations that’ll be there. Visualise yourself in your mind’s eye, exactly what you’re going to say, how you anticipate your peers will respond and whether or not that will affect you and your discipline. You’re also going to have to have replacement healthy food in your stomach because if you’re going there hungry and you’ve got no healthy options then it’s going to be harder to say “no.”

You could also use visualisation when you’re going food shopping. If you always tempted by the fancy packaging, the artificial colourings, the marketing and false claims on the labels and buy foods that are counter productive to your results, visualise yourself before you go, not buying the science lab food rubbish and visualise what you’re going to buy instead.

Another situation where visualisation could be useful is going to the gym before or after work, especially in the winter. After you finish work, sometimes people just want to go home and sit on the couch in front of the TV (TV was introduced into Australia in 1956. What did we do before then is an interesting question to ponder) If this is you, then the night before, spend some time visualising yourself at the end or beginning of your work day making the decision to go to the gym. Pack your gym gear and take it to work with you. This puts you in a place mentally ready to succeed. You’re also going to need to visualise and prepare the food you’re going to have to before you workout. Organic of course!   

Visualisation ties in with what I talked about last post, where I talked about positive self talk. The skill of creating positive pictures in your mind’s eye to go along with the positive self talk. How important is this? Well everyone sees the world differently. Two people could be looking at exactly the same situation and interpret it completely different depending on what mind “software” or beliefs they are running in that particular moment.

According to the teachings of neuro linguistic programming we are exposed to approximately 2.3 million bits of information per second and through our brains natural process of deleting, distorting and generalizing we can only focus on 126 bits of it. So constantly positive, negative and irrelevant bits of information are coming at us. The key to living a happy, positive, healthy life is to focus on the correct 126 bits every second, because ultimately whether you are happy or sad, or motivated or not motivated or any other emotion depends on what is going on in between your ears and what you are choosing to focus on. What are you saying to yourself and what pictures are running in your mind’s eye? Positive or negative. Controlling that is the ultimately the key to controlling your behaviour. Controlling your behaviour is what’s going to get you your results.

Some quotes to finish,

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,

your thoughts become your words,

your words become your actions,

your actions become your habits,

your habits become your values,

your values become your destiny”

Mahatma Gandhi

Another great quotes is,

“Whether you succeed or fail, is determined by a person’s perception of what success or failure is.” Michael Jordan

The little things of working out

26 Mar

Somedays going to the gym and doing your workout is easy, you’ve got a lot of energy, you’re pumped, ready to go and focused on what you want to achieve. Other days just getting started is the hardest thing. On the days that it is a bit tougher, be honest with yourself and listen to your body and decide whether you should do a “work-out” or what’s called a “work-in.”

A “work-out” expends energy and uses up the body’s resources, while a “work-in” cultivates energy and balances your stresses. If you do decide that yes you’ve eaten enough nutritious food, you’ve drunk enough clean water, you’ve had enough sleep and your body is not under excess stress and that a “work-out” is what you need then a good way to get started is with a proper warmup.

I know for me it takes me about 20-30 minutes to get myself fully warmed up and mentally prepared to get a great workout. I take the time necessary because when lifting heavy weights and pushing your body to the limit, you want to make sure you’re ready, this also helps to prevent injuries and maintains your flexibility.   

Some of the key things that a good warm up should include, is to first of all increase your body temperature so that you get a light sweat going. This can be done by going on the cardio equipment for 5-10 minutes, step ups or light skipping.

My preferred method though is to go through the movements that you’ll be doing in your main workout with light weights or medicine balls. So if your workout is going to include heavy weight training for your whole body, then do some squats and lunges in different directions first, add some arm movements to the lunges to increase the stretch. In between your warm up sets do a few stretches on muscles that you know to be tight. Use the foam roller if necessary then go back to your range of motion exercises. Slowly you increase the temperature and flexibility in your muscles and joints, getting them completely ready for the strenuous exercises to follow.

Another thing that is great, is to get the nervous system awakened aswell. You can do this by squatting or lunging on an unstable surface such as a fitball, bosu, dura discs or on one leg with your eyes closed. Push ups on a bosu or fit-ball works in the same way for the core and upper body.

The process should be gradual, and there really shouldn’t be any rest time needed between the movements and stretching. By following this you’ll be ready for a great workout and depending on your current fitness level, just doing this type of warm up you may find is enough for a workout.

Another key part of working out is what fuel to put in you before and afterwards. For me if I’m going to train in the morning, I might have something like 3 organic boiled eggs, a spoonful of coconut oil and an organic apple when I wake up. This is a light meal that will give me good energy but won’t weigh me down. After my workout I’ll have something more substantial, knowing that what I eat is what I’m going to be making my body out of.

I’m not interested in eating a chicken raised in 36 days from chickling to full size who was drugged up with growth hormones and anti biotics being raised in in-humane conditions and barely able to stand up themselves. That’s not going to be beneficial to my body. That’s one of the reasons I always choose organic food.  

If I’m going to train in the afternoon or evening, I will have a larger organic breakfast which may include some organic meat and organic steamed vegetables. A smaller organic lunch, maybe 2 or 3 fried eggs and an apple then I’ll be ready to train later on. I’ll try to eat 2 to 3 hours before my workout and within 20 mins to an hour after my workout.

Check out the Saturday morning fitness and Wednesday night twilight fitness latest dates in the services section. At both workouts you get to do quality resistance training and total body moves which are excellent for weight loss, toning, and building strength throughout the body and core.


6 Jul

Be prepared with your food. You have to know going into any situation how long it’s going to be between meals, how much food you currently have in you, whether you’re going to get hungry or not and what your available options will be.

I’m always packing food and clean mineralised water with me when I’m going out for an extended period.

One example of what I would take with me is organically home grown capsicum and spinach, organic chopped carrot and 3 organic boiled eggs. The vegetables are the carbs; the eggs are the protein and good fats.Each time you eat, you should have a combination of carbs, protein and fats. If I just had the vegetables without the eggs, I know I’d get hungry very quickly.

Every person is different too with what ratios of carbs, proteins and fats they should eat. The best way to find out what ratios are best for you is to keep a detailed food diary documenting what you eat, when you eat it and how it makes you feel an hour or so after eating it. If the food works for your body, you will feel, energised, alert, awake and positive. If the food you eat is wrong for you, you may feel sluggish, tired, bloated, negative, heavy and possibly a sugar high then a massive sugar crash.

I know if I have this snack, I’ll be able to last another 4 or 5 hours before I need to eat again. Preparation time to make this is approximately 7 mins and you can do other stuff while the eggs are boiling. So when people tell me they don’t have time to prepare their meals, I know it’s a BS story.