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The answers to your excuses!

19 Jun

I know some of you out there want to know how do I get started on an exercise program. I write I lot of stuff for people who are already exercising but what if you’re currently not doing anything? I’ve had conversations with people and they say, “Yeah but Adam, I hate sweating.” or “I hate exercising. After I’ve done all I gotta do each day the last thing I want to do is something I hate.” And “I’ve tried exercising before, I started running for a bit in the mornings, but after a while my knees got too sore and I couldn’t do it anymore.” or “I walk around at work. Isn’t that enough?”

These are real excuses from real people, and I remember hearing one time, all problems are problems of the imagination and all solutions are solutions of the imagination. So if you’re thinking along those lines of exercise is a chore I hate, it’s too cold, I’m too sore, I don’t have the energy, I don’t enjoy it. All those kinds of thoughts, you’ve gotta come up with reasons TO exercise that are more powerful than your reasons to not exercise. It’s all in the mind.

So what you do is get out your whiteboard out, or a piece of paper or anything to write on, and write-up your reasons for not exercising then come up with solutions and better ways of thinking to counteract the excuses. Some examples are below.

Excuse: “I hate sweating.” Replace that thinking with “Sweating is a natural human response. I love sweating, it means I’m cleaning out my body of unwanted smelly toxins.” The skin is a major detoxification organ of the body and sweating is a great way to clean out toxins.

Excuse: “I hate exercising.” Well this one, you just haven’t found something you like to do. Different people like different environments to exercise in. Some people like outdoors, some indoors, some like team sports, some individual sports, some hiking or on the beach or in the gym, some like with people, some don’t like anyone around. Some like me, like a lot of these things. You just gotta experiment and find something you like. The body naturally is designed to move. Movement equals life. Stillness equals death. And it’s inbuilt in our sub conscious mind to stay alive.

Excuse: “I don’t know what to do.” Here you have motivation to exercise or you know the importance of it, but you don’t know where to start?

Well honestly you need to come see me or another experienced trainer to evaluate your current state of health and well-being. There’s no point going out on your own and starting a running program or exercise routine just because some magazine or celebratory endorses it. That’s just stupid. With exercise and health there’s no one size fits all approach that works for diet and exercise. Each individual needs to be evaluated properly including posture, stress levels, lifestyle, diet, water, sleep, exercise history, activity levels, current and previous injuries and most importantly what are your goals? Not everyone wants or needs to train like a professional athlete. All these variables will affect the results of your exercise program and what your exercise program should contain. Get the guidance you need.

Excuse: “It’s too cold.” C’mon now. This is easy. What do you do if you’re cold when you’re out and about? You wear more clothes. Same is true with exercise. Dress in layers so you can easily peel off layers as you start to warm up and as you cool down start to put the layers back on. That’s easy.

Excuse: “I don’t have the energy or my body hurts.” This is important as it indicates that the body is already under a lot of stress through poor sleep, lifestyle and nutrition habits. A body under a lot of stress is not going to respond positively to strenuous exercise. It’s just going to get even more run down and long-term going to lead to things such as suppression of the immune and reproductive systems, constant nagging injuries, continued tiredness aswell as burnt out adrenal glands.

Your goal here should be to get started doing cultivating energy exercises such as tai chi type movements, stretching, breathing exercises and positive meditations, while looking to improve your food and sleep quality as well as eliminating as much negative stress and energy from your life as possible so you can get to the point where your body will respond positively to exercise.

Excuse: “I don’t have time.” With this one you gotta seriously evaluate what you’re currently spending your 168 hours every week on. Time is the only thing equal among us in this world. Draw your week up hour by hour, day by day and honestly evaluate where you can execute things more efficiently. Where can you fit in exercise? I’m sure if you do the process properly you will see that it’s not time that is the problem, it’s that on your list of priorities, exercise and looking after yourself isn’t a priority for you.

You might find you’re putting things like watching The block or The voice, ahead of doing something that could really make a positive difference in your life like The exercise! It will seem a hard sell at first if your stuck in your tv watching routine, but in the long run, what’s the choice exercise and great health or watching TV and depression??? And you know what kind of happens if you continue to not pay attention to your health, eventually your body’s in-built natural desire to be healthy is going to get louder and louder until it’s eventually screaming at you through a megaphone, “Please look after me!!” And it’ll be in the form of constant joint pain, back pain, neck pain, be easily injured doing something really basic, back goes out easily, headaches, stomach pains, digestion issues, fungus infections, low energy, hormonal imbalances, tired all the time, no motivation, easily get sick, depression stuff like that or even bigger potential life ending issues like cancer, blocked arteries, stroke, brain tumours, diabetes and becoming infertile.

The symptoms of continued neglect will eventually get so much that all the other things that were SO important before in your life will become insignificant compared to your health and well-being. Pain is a powerful motivator. So what you gotta do is associate more pain to not exercising than to actually exercising. Some people need to see it or experience it themselves for it to be real to them. Just reading this or hearing something else similar won’t initiate action. Many people live in denial and put their head in the sand and think it’ll be alright, but inevitably slowly but surely the symptoms start to surface. Maybe they’re already happening? Find some videos on youtube or go to a hospital or talk to relatives and friends, research yourself and see the pain of neglect on the body. Do whatever you need to do to make it real for you to motivate you to look after yourself.

I get great pleasure when people tell me they’re addicted to exercise now. They never thought it would happen, but with consistency you DO get addicted to the great feelings of being healthy. I know for me it’s a great feeling being strong and healthy and in a good mood all the time, being able to run up mountains overtaking everyone along the way, doing advanced exercises and weights in the gym, playing hide and seek with the nieces and nephews, not picking up all the viruses that go around the gym, being happy, healthy as well as many other benefits! I highly endorse it. That’s what I write this stuff 🙂

I’ll finish with a quote again.




21 Jul

New dates are up for Wednesday and Saturday fitness. Come and experience the fun that we have while working out hard. Check it out under the services heading.

Last post I wrote about the 4 white devils, white flour, white sugar, processed table salt and pasteurized dairy. I’m very proud of some of you out there, who can now name them and have taken them out of their diet. People have reported that they notice how much better they feel and how the size of their belly is decreasing. This is great stuff.

Today I want to talk about respect. It seems to be when you talk to adults brought up on old school values, of working hard, loyalty, respect, earning what you have, they talk about the kids today and how these values are being lost. How no one wants to work anymore and just have everything handed to them. Unfortunately this is the direction society is headed, and I pledge to all of you, if you know and were raised with values to keep those values going, and to set the example for the youngsters of today. We can’t leave the old school values and skills left behind. It is a much more powerful learning for the students when the teacher actually lives what they are preaching and holds themselves to a higher standard.

How does old school values affect people’s health? Well, there’s an old saying, “How you do anything, is how you do everything.” And what that means is, if you disrespect your family, your employer, your friends or strangers in the street. You disrespect yourself. And a body that is disrespected will eventually start to show symptoms, and when you ask it to do things for you, it’ll say “No.” Joints will become sore and inflamed, back pain and injuries will prevent you from doing things. You might decide to run to “get fit” but you can’t because your feet, ankles and knees hurt, then where are you at? Your body will say something like, “You’ve been treating me like sh**, not respecting my daily nutritional needs, feeding me poison chemical crap, dehydrating me, not exercising me, and you want me to do that. I’m sorry, I can’t.” Or, “I’ll try, but it’s going to be below standard and cause a lot of pain before, during and afterwards.”

The body doesn’t lie. If you want to look good, feel good, feel fit, be strong, be able to fight off viruses that are going around, you have to treat it nicely, feed it what it needs to run optimally, exercise it when it’s energetic, rest when you’re tired, get the right amount of sun and do things that make you happy, be playful, creative and have a positive attitude towards life and you will feel all the good feelings you want to feel.


6 Jul

All food eaten needs to be organic.

You will notice a massive increase in your health and the taste. The amount of crap sprayed on commercially grown vegetables is not healthy. These pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and fungicides are designed to attack the pest’s nervous system andhormonal systems and this is exactly the problems that humans have.

People say to me, it’s too hard to eat organic, or I don’t have time to get it. It’s BS. You have time to watch Bondi rescue, home & away, the amazing race, the AFL, all the episodes of the OC or document your life on facebook or any other BS like that. None of that should come before your health. What happens when you’re health is gone? You can’t enjoy any of those shows on the light box. What’s the old saying? “A sick person has one wish, while a healthy person has many wishes.”

I can think of 3 people off the top of my head, who have tried and stuck with organic eating. All of them have reported that they rarely, if ever get sick now, while they used to suffer from colds frequently. If they do get sick now, it may only last one day or a few days while housemates or friends will be suffering for weeks with it. All 3 of them have reported also that going back and eating so called, “normal” food tastes disgusting now and they feel bloated when they eat it.

But that’s the way society is. We grow up on this chemical food, poisoned animals and packet food crap, because we don’t know any better and we end up having no idea of how good real food actually tastes. People ask me what supplements or vitamins do I take, I say; I don’t need that science lab BS. Science labs can’t beat Mother Nature’s wisdom. Since the advent of the microscope we have gotten sicker and sicker as the scientists look at smaller and smaller things. They don’t look at the big picture of health anymore.
What’s the definition of a specialist? “Someone who knows more and more, about less and less till eventually they know absolutely everything about nothing.”

If you want to know more about this stuff, look up on Youtube, Paul Chek “The dirt facts” and watch that whole lecture. It’s very insightful. Get yourself a copy of Western A Prices book, “Nutrition and physical degeneration.” And also go and hire or buy the documentary “Food Inc” The current mainstream way of doing food, is designed for our health to fail. You gotta get educated and break out of the mould. Your mouth is not a garbage can where you can just continually put poison chemical garbage food in it and expect good health.

Remember that your skin cells are turned over every 3 days, your bones cells every 3 weeks and every cell in your entire body is replaced every 7 years. You are what you eat. Personally, I don’t want to be making myself out of garbage and I don’t want you or your loved ones to either.