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Thoughts on the food world

3 Oct

Eating a nutritious diet is so important to your health. The well-played saying “You are what you eat.” speaks a lot of truth. The famous physician Hippocrates from around 400 BC once said “Let food be thy medicine, and let thy medicine be food.”

You literally are what you eat. Your body turns what you eat into human tissue, brain cells, organs, hormones, blood, nerves, muscles, joints, bone, ligaments, tendons, fascia, dna, hair, skin etc and if you’re a woman you can make a whole nother person! Now the question is what do you want to make your body out of? Or your baby?

What’s today’s options?

Well you have processed food products, made in factories with calories but no nutrition. Produce from the modern chemical farm creating nutritionally depleted tasteless vegetables and fruits. Unstable rancid fats and meat from tortured sick animals fed an unnatural diet and kept alive with antibiotics? Synthetic vitamin supplements? Or you can choose the harder to source organic meats/fats and produce grown in conjunction with Mother Nature from the wheel of life that we’ve evolved on for literally millions of years.

It’s only been in the last 10 000 years or so that we’ve become reliant on the farm and agriculture. Before that as a species we were hunter/gatherers. We used to follow and hunt the meat and fish. This is evident in the paintings on cave walls all around the world. Pictures show our ancestors hunting large animals. For better or worse we went away from that and toward farming which allowed us to create settlements, and eventually cities. With this change over time we’ve replaced our organic meat and fat diet with our annual crops of chemically grown corn, wheat, canola, soy and sugar cane.  

Over the last 150 or so years the food we eat has changed even more dramatically. We’ve introduced chemical fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, rodenticides, microwaving, genetically modifying, radiating, pasteurizing, homogenizing and extensive food processing to our foods. This is important because it takes approximately 40 000 years for the human genome to change 1/10 of 1%. Which means we are pretty much exactly the same as we were 40 000 years ago, and by experimenting into eating foods which we didn’t evolve on we are putting our health at enormous risk.

Hundreds of chemicals are coming into the body that our livers don’t know how to process. It’s not just in our food either. Chemicals come into the body through make up, deodorant, shaving cream, toothpaste, hair products, cleaning products, new products, carpet, paint, cars. We’re exposed everywhere in this toxic world to chemicals. 

You can’t outsmart Mother Nature, and the consequences of doing so are well shown in the prevalence of  degenerative diseases, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, obesity, osteoporosis, asthma, fatigue, joint pain, apathy and susceptibility to colds and flus seen in western societies today. We’re the only species trying to outsmart Mother Nature too. You don’t see wild animals messing with their natural diet they evolved on. They keep it simple, no chemicals, no processing, eat the way we’ve always eaten and are fit, good-looking and healthy. It’s only in our pets and animal feed lots when they’re fed an unnatural diet where we see cancer and obesity in animals.

It’s a simple fact is that we have more doctors, nurses, physios, chiros, personal trainers, nutritionists, dietitians and health care professionals than at any other time in human history and yet we are the fattest and sickest we’ve ever been.  

A dentist, scientist and researcher by the name of Western A Price in the early 1900s was working and living at the time when more and more food processing was making its way into our diets. Sugar, processed foods and vegetable oil consumption was increasing, and as a result over the years he started seeing more and more patients coming to him with tooth decay. He wondered why the increase? And also what actually causes immunity to tooth decay?

Initially he tried to find people in America that had no tooth decay so he could study what they did, but in his searches he couldn’t find anyone. So in the 1930s he set out around the world to nearly every continent to find native societies living in conjunction with Mother Nature. His finding’s were astounding and thoroughly documented in his book “Nutrition and physical degeneration” first published in 1939.

What he commonly found in every continent was that the natives experienced next to no tooth decay or other degenerative diseases, were in perfect health, had engaging personalities and were eating nutritious foods high in vitamins and minerals such as animal organs, animal flesh, bone broths, butter, blood, milk, shell-fish, insects. All foods off the land. See the article “Principles of healthy diets” http://www.westonaprice.org/basics/principles-of-healthy-diets

He also studied native tribes who lived closer to modern societies and did not exclusively eat their native diet. They traded with white man for his flour, his sugar, jams and other processed foods, known today as the 4 white devils. White flour, white sugar, white table salt and pasteurized diary. Foods which Price called the “displacing foods of modern commerce.” These tribes experienced a different level of health. Tooth decay was prevalent as were many other growth deformities, such as narrowing of the nasal passage and dental arches which causes the teeth to not fit perfectly in the mouth.

This is clearly seen in the pictures below and throughout the book. Today many kids have to wear braces because of this reason aswell as suffering breathing problems from a narrow nasal passage.

A lot of us today are not even aware of what foods we evolved on or what real food is. It’s not even questioned a lot of the time. Many people just think (or don’t think) that cocopops and pasteurized milk is a good breakfast. Or toast and a protein shake is enough for breakfast and lunch or packet soup and bread is a good choice for dinner. They think eating organ meats is just disgusting, not aware of the fact that the organs are the most nutritious part of any animal and the parts that our ancestors used to eat first!

Our food used to come exclusively from a closed organic cycle or the wheel or life.

Healthy soil is the foundation of the health of every living thing on the plant. Healthy soil produces the grasses and plants which, along with the energy from the sun, creates food for the herbivores. The herbivores keep the grasses and plants in check so they don’t overgrow. The herbivores are then hunted and eaten by the carnivores and omnivores, which keep the herbivore numbers in balance. When these carnivore and omnivore animals at the top of the food chain including us, die, in nature we would be on the ground dead as food for the microorganisms in the soil and the cycle starts again. 

The  nutritional quality of the plants, grasses, fruits and vegetables is directly effected by the health of the microorganisms in the soil. All life depends on these little creatures doing their work. The problems come when using chemical fertilizer, pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and rodenticides. These chemicals kill off approximately 85% of the beneficial bacteria, fungus, earthworms and microorganisms in the soil which all life depends upon. The microorganisms make vitamins and work in conjunction with and communicate with the plants to contribute to the plants immune system in exchange for carbohydrate (energy) from the plant. It’s a symbiotic relationship.

The plants grown with chemicals ultimately get really thirsty from the NPK fertilizer which is a salt. They end up drinking huge amounts of water from the excess salt (just as we require water when we eat too much salt) to try to hydrate and detoxify. This is how you end up with these huge tomatoes and apples etc that have no taste. The produce is filled with water, and the lack of taste indicates a lack of nutrition (vitamins/minerals) in the produce from a lack of microorganisms in the soil. Not only that, the chemically grown produce is often picked when it is not even ripe and then ripened with ethanol gas and then sprayed in the supermarket with more chemicals to look more appealing! If you understand all that, then you understand the importance of choosing to purchase organic food.

Research has shown that organically grown produce is up to 40 times more nutritious than its chemical counterparts. So if it costs twice as much but you’re getting 40 times the nutrition. That’s a great deal isn’t it? Organic foods are rich in nutrients, and as a result fill you up quicker which means you don’t have to eat as much to feel satisfied. Some estimate that you eat 30% less food on an organic diet.

Choosing organic meat is just as if not more important, not only for your health but the earth’s health. Concentrated Animal Feedlot Operations (CAFO) are really one of the worst things humans have ever come up with. The animals are fed an unnatural diet of grain, corn, soy, cement dust, dead animal remains, plastic pellets, wood chips and growth hormones and as a result become extremely unhappy, fat and unhealthy. They are fed anti biotics to keep them alive till they’re big enough for slaughter. This creates a problem for those who eat meat raised like this, because how do you get health out of eating sick, tortured animals? You don’t. You just become sick yourself. There’s also the problem of anti biotic resistant bacteria now because they’ve been so over used and abused. Check the article http://www.naturalnews.com/032622_ecoli_bioengineering.html

It’s a stupid thing and torturous thing we’re doing. We clear all these fields for growing corn, wheat, soy and sugar. In that process countless animals die from losing their home or they upset the balance of nature somewhere else and cause other problems. Most of these crops are used to make the processed foods making us sick, aswell as being used as food for Concentrated animal feedlot operations. The crops aswell are grown using chemical farming techniques which as I’ve said kills off 85% of all the microorganisms in the soil, which are needed for ALL of life. Over time this leaves the soil depleted and eventually the farm is left as desert.  

The cows and lambs are naturally grass eaters, and are happy and healthy eating perennial grasses. Why mess with this to create other problems? We use all this water and fossil fuel for growing and transporting the crops, and the end result is unhappy, unhealthy people countless health problems, eating unhappy, unhealthy animals, wasting the earth’s resources. Is it just me, or is that stupid?!

At no time in our history have we been more removed from our food. Nutritional knowledge and food preparation techniques passed down from tribe elders used to be highly valued. Now we’ll eat any half tested lab food loaded with sugar and marketed using words and phrases like, “all natural” (that means nothing) “contains half your daily allowance of such and such” (Who comes up with these recommended daily intakes?) It’s crazy.  

Another big part of the problem is consumer confusion. There is a lot of conflicting information in the nutrition world today. The food pyramid for example set by the government tells people to eat 6-11 servings of carbohydrates a day! Most people who’ve ever tried to lose weight will tell you that by cutting out carbs they felt better and lost weight! Another is margarine. Some brands proudly display the healthy heart tick, but in reality margarine is a rancid vegetable oil that’s undergone intense processing and is one of the chief culprit in our current plague of cancer and heart disease. See the article “Why butter is better” http://www.westonaprice.org/food-features/why-butter-is-better 

The food pyramid is actually the way it is because a large part of the economy depends on the selling and buying of the crops. I remember seeing it on a show on ABC. It had wheat trading at this price, corn trading at this price. It looked like they were talking about stocks. I thought to myself, this is all about the money, nothing at all about health. It’s big business, and your health and well-being is not in their thinking at all. They want you to think you need to eat a certain amount of breads and cereals everyday. It’s good for business. It’s like this – healthy people don’t spend money on medicines, drugs and vitamin supplements, sick people do, and the pharmaceutical industry is also big business. So by eating grains and cerals and such, you’re keeping two businesses going, and sacrificing your health in the process.

With all this conflicting information out there how do you know what is the truth? Well the one thing any logical thinking person would go on is results. What results are you getting from your food? And long-term results at that. Because there’s many diet plans that produce short-term weight loss or a cleansing effect but ultimately the individual ends up malnourished if continued long-term because of inadequate fat, protein, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty and amino acids. 

One speaker on the real food summit which I’ve been listening too http://realfoodsummit.com/order/ said unless your proposed diet has produced 5 generations of healthy offspring then he doesn’t want to know about it. Our ancestors eating off the land have easily produced more than 5 generations of healthy offspring. With our current diet and the poisoning of our planet, sadly we are slowly eating our way to extinction. This is evident in the amount of problems couples now have getting pregnant where either one or both are infertile or have other reproductive issues.

Another way to tell if your food is working for you is by how you feel, look, think, smell, digest, love, energy levels, susceptibility to colds, flus and infections. Your body is the result of all the decisions you’ve made up to this point. It’s constantly giving you feedback. Signals of pain from the body are not a Nerofen deficiency. Tiredness is not a caffeine deficiency. A headache is not a asprin deficiency. You have to listen to your body without attachment to what your head is programmed with. Cause a lot of people have their head filled with diet and health information from books, magazines and advertisements that is causing them harm.

You can guarantee our ancestors aren’t reading any diet books to get their perfect health. Other herbivores and carnivores don’t need dietary advice either. They eat naturally.

The different systems of the body are the hormonal system, reproductive system, immune system, digestive system, eliminative system, circulatory system, nervous system, respiratory system, muscular system and thermoregulatory system and they all need energy all the time to operate. How far do you expect to go when you’re trying to live and thrive eating cocopops and pasteurized milk for breakfast? It’s no wonder you’re tired all the time. Your body is malnourished, running almost on empty. The body basically is saying stop moving and sleep just so it can keep you alive and try to detoxify all the rubbish that you’re putting into it. You gotta feed yourself with real food.

Lets look at some stats from the Australian Bureau of statistics website

The proportion of adults (aged 18 years or over) classified as obese or overweight has increased from 56% in 1995 to 61% in 2007-08. For men, the increase was from 64% to 68% in 2007-08, while for women, the proportion rose from 49% to 55%.

I’ve shown the cancer statistics before

1900 risk of cancer 1 in 30

1980 1 in 5

1990 1 in 4

1995 1 in 3

2000 1 in 2

2012 1 in less than 2

ref Depak Chopra, M.D, Michael Murray, N.D, and the metagenics corp

When I walk into a supermarket I don’t even see food. Not even in the fruit and veg department. In the meat department I just feel for the tortured animals and how bad that factory farming system is. I don’t see how people can eat the crap. It’s all an illusion of healthy food. I don’t think, not for one second that maybe I’m going to eat some rubbish manufactured in some food factory filled with sugar, sugar’s brother (fructose), sugar’s sister (glucose) (Anything ending in “ose” is sugar) refined wheat, artificial flavourings, colourings, msg, rancid trans fat, high fructose corn syrup and numbers.

I’m not being part of the experiment. And that’s exactly what these foods are. Experiments on the human race. Many of these food companies spend no money on making their products more nutritious. The only money is spent on marketing to influence us to buy it. You have to arm yourself with knowledge and discipline and the health benefits you receive will be worth it.

When you eat correctly, you will feel energetic, feel happy, be mentally alert, better equipped to handle stress, feel light, digestion will be regular and effortless, no cravings, optimal response to exercise, rarely if ever get sick and enjoy great health overall.

On a poor and malnourished diet, you will be moody, depressed, anxious, low energy, obese, hormonal dysfunction, headaches, joint pain, more susceptible to colds, flus, unable to concentrate for long periods, easily injured and apathetic.

My final thoughts are, whatever food you spend your money on, you are supporting keeping that company in business. So if you spend money on CAFO meat, you are voting yes every time to keep that industry going. When you spend money on chemically grown food, you are voting yes every time to keep that chemical farm going. Be aware of what you are choosing.

If you want more info on this stuff, watch on youtube, “Paul Chek, the dirt facts” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=84otsNRkbDg also on youtube, Paul Chek at the Price Pottenger foundation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Ndfw3il33w . Books, “The vegetarian myth” by Lierre Keith, “Deep nutrition” by Catherine Shanahan, and “Nourishing traditions” by Sally Fallon. Websites http://www.westonaprice.org/  http://undergroundwellness.com/ 

Some quotes

“Disease does not occur unexpectedly. It is the result of constant violations of nature’s laws. Spreading and accumulation of such violations transpire suddenly in the form of the disease – but it only seems sudden.” Hippocrates

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” World health organisation


The answers to your excuses!

19 Jun

I know some of you out there want to know how do I get started on an exercise program. I write I lot of stuff for people who are already exercising but what if you’re currently not doing anything? I’ve had conversations with people and they say, “Yeah but Adam, I hate sweating.” or “I hate exercising. After I’ve done all I gotta do each day the last thing I want to do is something I hate.” And “I’ve tried exercising before, I started running for a bit in the mornings, but after a while my knees got too sore and I couldn’t do it anymore.” or “I walk around at work. Isn’t that enough?”

These are real excuses from real people, and I remember hearing one time, all problems are problems of the imagination and all solutions are solutions of the imagination. So if you’re thinking along those lines of exercise is a chore I hate, it’s too cold, I’m too sore, I don’t have the energy, I don’t enjoy it. All those kinds of thoughts, you’ve gotta come up with reasons TO exercise that are more powerful than your reasons to not exercise. It’s all in the mind.

So what you do is get out your whiteboard out, or a piece of paper or anything to write on, and write-up your reasons for not exercising then come up with solutions and better ways of thinking to counteract the excuses. Some examples are below.

Excuse: “I hate sweating.” Replace that thinking with “Sweating is a natural human response. I love sweating, it means I’m cleaning out my body of unwanted smelly toxins.” The skin is a major detoxification organ of the body and sweating is a great way to clean out toxins.

Excuse: “I hate exercising.” Well this one, you just haven’t found something you like to do. Different people like different environments to exercise in. Some people like outdoors, some indoors, some like team sports, some individual sports, some hiking or on the beach or in the gym, some like with people, some don’t like anyone around. Some like me, like a lot of these things. You just gotta experiment and find something you like. The body naturally is designed to move. Movement equals life. Stillness equals death. And it’s inbuilt in our sub conscious mind to stay alive.

Excuse: “I don’t know what to do.” Here you have motivation to exercise or you know the importance of it, but you don’t know where to start?

Well honestly you need to come see me or another experienced trainer to evaluate your current state of health and well-being. There’s no point going out on your own and starting a running program or exercise routine just because some magazine or celebratory endorses it. That’s just stupid. With exercise and health there’s no one size fits all approach that works for diet and exercise. Each individual needs to be evaluated properly including posture, stress levels, lifestyle, diet, water, sleep, exercise history, activity levels, current and previous injuries and most importantly what are your goals? Not everyone wants or needs to train like a professional athlete. All these variables will affect the results of your exercise program and what your exercise program should contain. Get the guidance you need.

Excuse: “It’s too cold.” C’mon now. This is easy. What do you do if you’re cold when you’re out and about? You wear more clothes. Same is true with exercise. Dress in layers so you can easily peel off layers as you start to warm up and as you cool down start to put the layers back on. That’s easy.

Excuse: “I don’t have the energy or my body hurts.” This is important as it indicates that the body is already under a lot of stress through poor sleep, lifestyle and nutrition habits. A body under a lot of stress is not going to respond positively to strenuous exercise. It’s just going to get even more run down and long-term going to lead to things such as suppression of the immune and reproductive systems, constant nagging injuries, continued tiredness aswell as burnt out adrenal glands.

Your goal here should be to get started doing cultivating energy exercises such as tai chi type movements, stretching, breathing exercises and positive meditations, while looking to improve your food and sleep quality as well as eliminating as much negative stress and energy from your life as possible so you can get to the point where your body will respond positively to exercise.

Excuse: “I don’t have time.” With this one you gotta seriously evaluate what you’re currently spending your 168 hours every week on. Time is the only thing equal among us in this world. Draw your week up hour by hour, day by day and honestly evaluate where you can execute things more efficiently. Where can you fit in exercise? I’m sure if you do the process properly you will see that it’s not time that is the problem, it’s that on your list of priorities, exercise and looking after yourself isn’t a priority for you.

You might find you’re putting things like watching The block or The voice, ahead of doing something that could really make a positive difference in your life like The exercise! It will seem a hard sell at first if your stuck in your tv watching routine, but in the long run, what’s the choice exercise and great health or watching TV and depression??? And you know what kind of happens if you continue to not pay attention to your health, eventually your body’s in-built natural desire to be healthy is going to get louder and louder until it’s eventually screaming at you through a megaphone, “Please look after me!!” And it’ll be in the form of constant joint pain, back pain, neck pain, be easily injured doing something really basic, back goes out easily, headaches, stomach pains, digestion issues, fungus infections, low energy, hormonal imbalances, tired all the time, no motivation, easily get sick, depression stuff like that or even bigger potential life ending issues like cancer, blocked arteries, stroke, brain tumours, diabetes and becoming infertile.

The symptoms of continued neglect will eventually get so much that all the other things that were SO important before in your life will become insignificant compared to your health and well-being. Pain is a powerful motivator. So what you gotta do is associate more pain to not exercising than to actually exercising. Some people need to see it or experience it themselves for it to be real to them. Just reading this or hearing something else similar won’t initiate action. Many people live in denial and put their head in the sand and think it’ll be alright, but inevitably slowly but surely the symptoms start to surface. Maybe they’re already happening? Find some videos on youtube or go to a hospital or talk to relatives and friends, research yourself and see the pain of neglect on the body. Do whatever you need to do to make it real for you to motivate you to look after yourself.

I get great pleasure when people tell me they’re addicted to exercise now. They never thought it would happen, but with consistency you DO get addicted to the great feelings of being healthy. I know for me it’s a great feeling being strong and healthy and in a good mood all the time, being able to run up mountains overtaking everyone along the way, doing advanced exercises and weights in the gym, playing hide and seek with the nieces and nephews, not picking up all the viruses that go around the gym, being happy, healthy as well as many other benefits! I highly endorse it. That’s what I write this stuff 🙂

I’ll finish with a quote again.




Health Timeline

15 Oct

Hello all, it’s been a little bit since my last post, I’m sorry about that, put it down to researching different stuff and writers block, but thankyou to the many people on my back asking for the latest info. I appreciate it.

Recently I participated in the Westpac stair challenge. A fundraiser event, where you get to the top of Adelaide’s tallest building as fast as you can. I was really looking forward to it in the weeks leading up to it. I ended up a respectable equal 27th on the day out of 462 competitors. I had the 30th fastest time. I was pretty pleased with that considering I got a bad bout of gastro on the Wednesday morning of competition week. (the event was on friday) Thursday I was able to eat a small bowl of organic brown rice and an organic apple, and competition day I was able to eat 2 fried organic eggs and 2 organic apples during the morning and leading up to the start time. I was feeling up to it, but I still unsure of what my stomach was doing and whether my body would like getting my heart rate up to near maximum as I figured the event would require.

I did no specific training for it. The runners left in 20 seconds intervals to avoid congestion on the stairs. I was the final runner for our Holden Hill Fitness First team of 4. I went up the first 8-10 flights as fast as I could, then the lactic acid and oxygen deprivation hits you. I caught one of my teammates at this stage and climbed with him for two or three levels then proceeded past him.

At the half way point there was an exit point if you wanted, my lungs, my heart rate and my legs were burning but there was no stopping. I pushed on, I got to level 20 and thought to myself just one u-park to go, I can do this. My pace had slowed slightly, but still taking 2 steps at a time and powering on as fast as I physically could.

At level 24 there’s another exit point, again there was no stopping and a friendly voice was there to offer encouragement, “You’re almost there.” I kept going to the finish, my legs were on fire from the lactic acid build up, my breathing rate and my heart rate were at near maximum. Finally I got to the top, level 30 in 3 mins 59 seconds. I could barely walk or stand at the top, the fatigue in the legs was like nothing I ever felt. I found a couch and enjoyed the view for a bit, and listened to and shared the experience with my teammates. Was a fun and different workout.

But that’s not what I want to talk about today, by request I’m putting the modified Barbara Feick health timeline on the website that I used to put in my newsletters. (You can still find the original at http://barbfeick.com/healthinformation/history_timeline.htm it’s worth looking at) I’ve put in a few new dates aswell relating to Australia.

This timeline does a great job telling the story of how we got to where we are today. It shows that the more that we invent new products and foods trying to outsmart Mother Nature, the worse our health gets. Take the time to imagine life before these products were invented and what the reactions would’ve been like to the new product. Also ask yourself the question if the inventors knew of the negative long-term health effects of their products to the people and the planet, would they still have made them? 

1559 Tobacco introduced to Europe

1650s Coffee brought to England 

1713 There are some 3000 coffee houses in London

1776 The first ice cream parlour opened in New York City

1812 The first canned food is sold in London

1820 World population reaches 1 billion

1847 Nearly all of the beef sold in the US is grass-fed

1866 Soy milk originated as a byproduct of making tofu

1869 Development of margarine

1872 A factory in California was successfully able to manufacture sugar in a profitable manner

1880s Machines are made that can mass produce cigarettes

1885 Dr Pepper invented

1886 Coca Cola invented

1889 First production of corn oil

1898 Pepsi Cola first sold

1900 Cancer risk is 1 in 30 people

1906 Kellogg’s corn flakes first sold

1908 First compulsory pasteurization laws passed in Chicago

1916 First hamburger fast food chain “White Castle”

1919 Homogenized milk sold successfully

1921 Iodized salt

1923 Coca Cola six-pack

1930 Snickers bar invented

1932 The first soy infant formula’s where developed in China

1939 The first instant coffee

1939 KFC opens

1939 The first pre cooked frozen meals sold by birds eye

1940 McDonald’s opens their first restaurant in California

1941 First use of antibiotics

1943 “There can be no doubt that coronary heart disease has reached epidemic proportions in the USA where it is responsible for nearly 50% of all deaths

1945 Earl Tupper invents plastic food containers and founds the Tupperware Company

1947 The first microwave oven “Radarange” is introduced

1948 One million homes in America have televisions

1949 Grain fed farm raised fish is started

1949 Charlotte, North Carolina became the first city in the state to fluoridate public water supplies

1950 Feedlot chickens and pigs fed ONLY grains. Cows fed grain and alfalfa

1950 Having cereal for breakfast was a mainstay of the American diet

1953 Fluoride introduced into the Tasmanian drinking water

1955 The first home microwave is introduced

1956 The first TV broadcast in Australia

1959 First diet Cola

1964 Fluoride is introduced into the ACT’s water supply

1965 Aspartame was discovered by accident when James Schlatter a chemist was testing an anti ulcer drug

1968 The big Mac is introduced at McDonalds

1968 Fluoride is introduced into Perth and Sydney’s water supply

1969 Approval for irradiation of Wheat and wheat flour for disinfection was granted in Canada

1970s Lung cancer is now the number 1 killer cancer in the western world

1970 Pepsi is first to introduce the 2 litre bottle

1971 Fluoride is introduced into Adelaide’s water supply

1971 Measles, mumps, rubella vaccinations licensed

1972 Fluoride is introduced into Darwin’s water supply

1972 Magnavox introduce the first video game system Odyssey

1974 Canola oil first marketed

1977 Fluoride is introduced into Melbourne’s water supply

1978 One half of 1% of men were functionally sterile in 1938, in 1978 it has reached between 8 and 12%. Functionally sterile is defined as sperm count below 20 million per millilitre of semen

1980 Cancer risk is 1 in every 5 people

1980 The first aids case appears in San Francisco

1980 Cigarette consumption in the US has increased 3-4 fold from the 1940s

1981 NutraSweet was introduced for the second time. Aspartame was invented by the G D Seale co acquired by Monsanto in 1985. For 16 years the Food and Drug administration refused to approve it until 1981 when Commissioner Arthur Hayes overruled objections of a public board of inquiry and the protests of the American soft drink association and blessed it. The test submitted by Seale were so bad the department of Justice, initiated prosecution of Searle for fraud. If you really want to look into this, Google “Arthur Hayes FDA” Aspartame is the active ingredient in NutraSweet and is 180 times sweeter than sugar with no calories. It is listed in Australia as Artificial sweetener (950, 951) it is in all diet and sugar-free soft drinks and other diet products.

1982 Diet coke comes on the market

1983 The commodore 64 is first introduced

1984 Since the 1980s Monsanto has become the leader in genetically modified seeds and has won 674 biotechnology patents, more than any other company

1987 First approval for field tests of modified food plants: virus resistant tomatoes

1990 Cancer risk is 1 in every 4 people

1990 The USDA introduces the food pyramid which tells us to eat 6-11 serves of carbohydrates (rice, bread, pasta) a day!

1990s Commercial meat farmers begin putting cardboard, sawdust, newspaper, cement dust and plastic pellets in the animals food

1992 Food irradiation begins in Florida

1993 The FDA approved Aspartame as an ingredient in numerous food items that would be always heated above 30 degrees Celsius. An act that can only be described as “unconscionable.”

1995 Cancer risk is 1 in every 3 people

1996 Without public notice the FDA removed all restrictions on the use of aspartame allowing it to be used in everything, including all heated and baked goods

1997 First weed and insect resistant biotech crops commercialized Roundup ready soybeans and Bollgard insect protected cotton

1997 The major causes of death in the US are heart disease, stroke and cancer (breast, colon, and lung) Diabetes has increased 27 percent 1997 and 2002

1998 Irradiation of meat is approved by the FDA

1999 57% of the American soybean crop and 33% of the corn crop is genetically modified

2000 Cancer risk is 1 in every 2 people

2000 American spend more than $110 billion on fast food, which is about 90% of all the money spent on food by Americans.

2000 The first genetically modified foods are sold in Britan- Tomato puree

2001 Since soy formula has been in the marketplace, parents and pediatricians have reported growing numbers of boys whose physical maturation either delayed or does not occur at all

2002 Nearly 2 out of every 3 American adults are overweight

2002 2 billion pounds of pesticides were sprayed on American farms compared to 1945 (200,000 pounds) and crop losses have doubled. (source Paul Chek “Under the veil of deception.”)

2004 There has been a 17 fold increase in type 1 diabetes from 1 in 7100 in the 1950s to 1 in 400 now.

2005 41% of children aged under 15 have a long-term health condition (source ABS)

2008 25% or 600,000 (up from 21% in 1995) Australian children aged 5-17 years were considered overweight or obese (source ABS)

2008 61% of adult Australians are considered overweight or obese (68% men, 55% women according to ABS) Up from 57% in 1995 (source ABS)

2010 20.1% of Australians drink alcohol at levels that will put them at risk of harm over their lifetime http://www.aihw.gov.au/publication-detail/?id=32212254712

2011 One in six Australian couples is infertile. http://www.abc.net.au/health/library/stories/2007/05/30/1919840.htm

2011 Cancer statistics today will be 1 in less than every 2. Despite all of science and medical advances and discoveries, we are getting sicker. We have to change the way we do things.  Ref: Deepak Chopra, M.D, Michael Murray, N.D., and the metagenics corp.

I think the lessons to be learned from this, is that we as humans, are creatures of the planet and children of Mother Nature. The more we get away from living in harmony with the soil, the plants and the animals the more sick and diseased we will make ourselves.

Our bodies are constantly talking to us and giving us signs of what makes us feel good long-term. It has an innate sense of what is good and what isn’t. You have to pay attention to it’s message. If you eat some food and it makes you feel bloated and tired then that’s a good sign that the food or drink is no good for you. If it gives you a stomach ache, a headache, poor digestion, poor sleep quality or feeling pretty average the next day, then that’s a message your body is giving you not to have it. Pay attention, listen. Stop ssshhhing your quiet little voice of health because ignore him/her long enough and eventually they’ll be SCREAMING at you.

I read a great quote the other day and I’ll finish with this, it was something like “What you do and eat in private is worn in Public.”

Taking control of your health

26 Aug

Hello, I hope you are finding this in great health and spirit. Great health and spirit is something I believe we all want but getting to the truth on how to do it is clouded. There is so much misleading information out there and access to the unhealthy stuff requires little to no effort but access to the healthy stuff takes knowledge, planning and preparation.

To give you a few examples on what I’m talking about here, I recently received the NDSS newsletter in my letterbox as mail for the previous owner. NDSS, is National Diabetes Services Scheme. So as a person interested in health I had a read and was just appalled at the information prescribed.

Some of the foods recommended in their so-called “diet” plan include corn flakes, low-fat milk, rice cakes, a scrape of jam, small skim latte, low-fat yoghurt, canned chickpeas, skinless chicken breasts and low GI ice cream. It also recommends basing your meals and snacks on foods low in saturated fat, and that carbohydrates are the main source of fuel in our body. I wouldn’t recommend this stuff to anyone let alone people with diabetes. Why not? I can hear some of you asking. While others are saying “It’s not organic.” Absolutely right, it’s not organic. Organic farming has proven hands down to provide tastier and more nutritious than chemically farmed food and the research and anyone who has switched to an organic diet will support that.

In the largest study ever done on Organic farming vs Chemical farming, which is documented in the book “The living soil and the Haughley experiment” by Lady Eve Balfour, Organically grown plants and animals were healthier and more nutritious hands down every time. It wasn’t even a contest. It was like the 1996 Chicago Bulls vs the Adelaide 36ers. For all my non basketballers out there, that means the contest would be very one-sided.

Do you think people with diabetes and people in general for that matter should be told that organic produce is healthier for them? That the vitamins, minerals, trace elements and enzymes needed for different processes in the body to happen is much higher in organic produce? That chemical residues on and in the produce are damaging our nervous and hormonal systems just like they’re designed to do to the insects. People should be told this. Organic food should be readily available. It shouldn’t even be called organic food. An organic apple should just be known as an apple and a chemically grown apple should be labelled a “Chemically grown apple.” I think people would have a different perception on what they would buy if that was the case.

Remember my last post where I wrote about the chemically grown bananas. Go back and read if you need to. But do you think people with diabetes and everyone should be told that your bananas are injected with diesel fuel and growth hormones and then ripened with ethanol gas? You never hear about that stuff.

What about the rest of the foods mentioned up above? Corn flakes, low GI ice cream, skinless chicken breasts, canned chickpeas, low-fat yoghurt.

What you need to know is, food is meant to provide you with energy, nutrition, life force. This stuff above is dead food. Think about an apple again. A chemical apple, nutritionally depleted to start with because of the way it’s farmed. It goes through a big factory, gets mashed up, heated, salt, sugar and other preservatives added to it, fortified with synthetic man-made vitamins and it’s turned into some kind of apple bar. How much of the original nutrition of the apple would be left after all that heating and processing. Anyone who knows anything about the heat sensitivity of the nutrients in foods will tell you that all the goodness would’ve been destroyed in the process. Leaving you with a dead food, so that when we eat it, we have to use our energy to digest and elimate it. We get nothing from it. In fact we lose energy by eating dead food. It’s no wonder people are tired all the time. Remember the old rule, the longer the used by date on the packet the worse it is for you.    

Low fat ice cream, low-fat yoghurt, skim milk. This is all pasteurized diary. One of the four white devils Western A Price talked about in the 1930s and 40s in his book “Nutrition and physical degeneration.” 

For those of you that forget, the four white devils are white flour, white sugar, white table salt and pasteurized dairy and Price clearly shows in his book that when native tribes who were eating and living solely off the land added these to their diet through trading with the settled white man, dental cavities and health problems rose. And once the next generation of the tribe started coming through after their parents switched from their natural diet to what Price calls displacement foods, the pictures of the development of their faces and dental structure is shocking. The book is filled with stories and photographs documenting this. As Paul Chek says, “Unless you’ve read the book you don’t understand nutrition.”

Yet the NDSS doesn’t seem to want to pay attention to those facts. It’s saying have your jam (sugar), low fat dairy (pasteurized = dead. We’ve already talked about dead foods) and your canned chickpeas (a UK study found two-thirds of canned foods contained low levels of the potent carcinogen and estrogen mimicking compound, bisphenol A (BPA))

It really is like the blind the leading the blind. How about the skinless chicken breast? Well again no mention of organic or free range is mentioned here. If they’re talking about a chicken that is grown from a chickling to your plate in 36 days then you’re guaranteed to be getting a large dose of anti biotics and growth hormones along with your depleted chicken protein. As well as a sick tortured animal you’re trying to turn into healthy human tissue. A question. How can you get health out of eating diseased sick animals and chemically grown produce?

How about a diet low in saturated fats? Well when the authors wrote that line they clearly weren’t thinking about the fact that we are replacing approximately 200 million cells every second and that 50% of every cell membrane is made up of saturated fat. Or the fact that approximately 50% of Mothers milk is composed of saturated fat. So if our very first meals for the first few months of our lives are mainly saturated fat,  at what point does it become bad for us? The answer, when it becomes more profitable for food companies to use vegetable oils. If you read the book “Eat fat, lose fat” by Dr Mary Enig and Sally Fallon you will read about all the studies that were done and how the data was misinterpreted to label saturated fats as bad. Quite a shocking a read. But once you understand that organic saturated fats are healthy for you, you can enjoy things like chicken skin, lamb chops, bacon and pork ribs. Be clear that I’m talking about organically raised grass-fed meats here. Commercially farmed animals are given a lot of dodgy toxic stuff in their mouths and bodies and their bodies cannot process all the toxins, so their body stores the toxins in their fat. Making their fat highly toxic.  

We have gotten so far away from what healthy eating is and the more our kids and nieces and nephews are being brought up in this world of chemical food and factory farming, the more problems we’re going to continually have. I remind you despite all the billions of dollars that have been spent on cancer research the statistics are still this.

1900 – 1 in 30 people cancer.

1980 – 1 in 5 people cancer.

1990 – 1 in 4 people cancer.

1995 – 1 in 3 people cancer.

2000- 1 in 2 people cancer.

Today 1 in less than 2.

What about obesity, childhood obesity, diabetes, heart disease? All at epidemic proportions. I was out shopping the other day, getting myself a nectarine tree and I struggled to see one person without excess body fat around the hips and belly. I’ve said it before, society is set up for us to be out of shape and unhealthy. What if all the billions were spent on organic farming instead of cancer research? It would be a totally different world we live in. What if there was no processed food only organic food? If you read the book “Molecules of emotion” by Candice Pert or even scout around on mercola.com you will discover scientists have already found treatments for cancer but because it’s not profitable you don’t hear about it.

I know I can sound radicle, but I get frustrated when my clients and friends and family make decisions on false information like the NDSS newsletter I received. I’m truly interested in theirs and your health and the health of the planet, because ultimately you can only be as healthy as the planet. It’s hard to be healthier than the environment you live in. So I remind you that each time you spend your money on chemically farmed fruit and veg, and factory farmed meat, farmed fish, genetically modified foods and all processed foods, drinks and pasteurized diary you are supporting the continuation of that destructive inhumane industry and the destruction of your health and the health of the planet.

If you’d like more information on this, check out the documentary “Food Inc” also “Paul Chek’s lecture at the Price Pottenger foundation.” Both can be found on YouTube. Mercola.com. The book “How to eat, move and be healthy.” by Paul Chek. “You are what you eat” audio series also by Paul Chek and the book “Nutrition and physical degeneration” by Western A Price.  

After turning 50, Paul Chek talks about being able to out run, out jump and out lift the majority of professional athletes he trains by following his advice.


The results of my own advice.


6 Jul

Avoid the 4 white devils, which are white flour, white sugar, white table salt and pasteurized milk.

These are well documented in Western. A. Price’s book, “Nutrition and physical degeneration.”

These 4 white devils have no nutrition in them, and as the book shows, when the native tribes were introduced to these displacement foods as he calls them, tooth cavities soon followed. The tribes that just ate their natural diet off the land had next to no dental cavities and had perfect facial and bone structure. They had perfect teeth and they didn’t even own a toothbrush! They had playful personalities and near perfect health. Many tribes did not even have a word for cancer. As you know, today’s cancer rates are 1 in less than 2, while in the year 1900 it was 1 in 30. A dramatic increase.

Once the tribes that started eating white man’s foods started having kids, the kids did not develop properly in the face and body and had many dental cavities. This is well documented with photos throughout the book. It is truly recommended reading.