Would I survive a 9 to 5 job?

5 Feb

Hello, hope you’re reading this in great health. This blog I thought I’d let you in a little into how I’d think if I worked so-called “normal 9-5” hours, aswell as a great interview with Alix at the end. 

In discussing diet/lifestyle problems and solutions with my clients, some of them are like, “Wow, you think totally different to me. I would never think that.” So I’ll give you a little insight into what I’ve told them and how I solve the problem of eating healthy and getting to the gym when working 9-5 everyday.

That being said, the hours of a personal trainer do present their own challenges that I have to overcome in order to eat my organic diet and get my high intensity workouts in. Some people have even suggested that I wouldn’t be able to do it working “their” hours. Well to let you know in the past I’ve worked full-time hours, which was physical, storeman work, and I still was able to work out or practise basketball either before or after work aswell as compete in top-level basketball. So it’s already been done. It’s an attitude of putting your health above anything else, because without your health, what do you have???

Here’s some of the obstacles I’m told –

Obstacle number 1I work during the week so I don’t have time to get to the organic shop. That’s fine, organic shops are open Saturday morning, sometimes all day Saturday. “Organically Grown”  on St Bernard’s road is even open on Sunday. The markets at Wayville showgrounds are open Sunday mornings, and you can get organic food delivered to your door or office  http://organicbox.com.au/home/ So that’s no excuse.  If that were my problem, I would go Saturday morning and buy enough to last me until the next Saturday. Easy. If I wanted a sleep in on Saturday mornings as some tell me they do, I could easy do that too and get to the shops and the gym.

Obstacle number 2I get home from work too late to be bothered with cooking. Ok, well pretty much every night I get home late from the gym and have to cook when I get home.

It's never TOO hard. Here I am boiling eggs in glasses while on holiday.

It’s never TOO hard. This is me making dinner without a kitchen. I am boiling eggs in glasses while on holiday.

Organic shopping at the markets in Cairns. My energy and nutrients to make the most of my holiday in Cairns.

This is my organic food I bought from the Cairns market while on holiday last year.

The reality is, it takes probably 15-20 minutes to cook dinner aswell as breakfast for the next morning. It goes like this. Chop up carrot, break off some broccoli and cauliflower, grab a handful of beans. Put them in the steam pot. Steam them up. While that’s steaming, put your coconut oil on the fry pan and cook your meat (diced lamb, lamb chops, chicken/lamb liver, mince meat, steak or whatever) put some onions and garlic with it, whatever you like. Takes maybe 15 minutes, by then the veggies will be steamed and ready to eat. Easy. It takes no extra effort to cook any extra meat or veggies for breakfast either. Just chop up and cook a few more and put them aside in a container. It’s just getting over the laziness and valuing eating healthy more than sitting on the couch watching TV when you get home.

10 minute meal

Example of a 10 minute meal

Another option here, is to get yourself a slow cooker and buy some cheap organic casserole beef or lamb and chop up a whole bunch of veggies and put it on in the morning. When you get home from work, dinner will be already warmed and cooked. Using this option you can really have dinner ready for a few nights in a row.

Obstacle number 3What can I eat for lunch?? I would take either some boiled eggs and salad, or eat the extra food I cooked from last nights dinner and have boiled or fried eggs for breakfast. Depending on time of course. If you have no time to cook eggs in the morning, you need to re evaluate what you’re doing. It takes approximately 7 minutes to boil eggs. You can easy be putting your clothes on, getting ready for work while the eggs are boiling and eat them later, either on the bus or when you get to work.

When would I make the salad??? I’d probably make a BIG salad on Sunday and put it in a bowl, with apple cider vinegar on top as dressing, ready for when I need it during the week for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It would probably last 3-5 days. If I needed to make another one during the week then Wednesday night. Making a large salad is not hard. Usually I chop up some capsicum, cucumber, carrots and baby spinach. Doesn’t take long at all, maybe 5 minutes.

Obstacle number 4Organic food is too expensive. Well here I think in terms of total amount spent on food. If your grocery bill is $70 at the supermarket, then you’re spending $15 everyday on coffees and overpriced salads for lunch etc, alcohol on the weekend, that brings your total food bill to $145 plus extra for alcohol, but you can easily spend $145 on organic food and get enough to last you the week. You just gotta shop smart. You don’t buy the $33 a kg chicken breasts. You buy the whole the chicken for $15 a kg. You buy chicken carcasses for approx $2 and make chicken soup and chicken stock. You don’t buy lamb chops for $25 a kg, you buy half a lamb or cow for $10 a kg. You don’t buy fruits and vegetables that aren’t in season cause you’ll have to pay more for them.

10 litres of chicken soup. Many premade meals here.

10 litres of chicken soup. Many premade meals here.

My friend goes to the Wayville farmers market nearly every week and he says he gets so much produce for just $25.

With eating organic food too you will find that you eat less overall, and you are satisfied for longer because the food is a lot higher in vitamins, minerals, trace minerals and enzymes. Aswell you’ll save on vitamin pills, protein supplements and medical expenses because the organic food will be all you need. It’s all we evolved on. I never take any vitamin supplements or protein powders/drinks.

Obstacle number 5If I do a big shop, the food goes off before I eat it. One of my clients said this to me. I told them Organic food lasts longer than chemically grown fruits and vegetables. In the supermarkets they use all kinds of sprays and other tricks to keep the produce “looking” fresh so they are able to sell it. Remember, chemically grown fruit and veg, is often picked when it is not ripe and ripened with ethanol gas. (See my blog below on my experience at an organic farm.) It is grown with chemical fertilizers, which make nutrient depleted produce because the soil is depleted. The produce is then sprayed with insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and rodenticides. It’s not food, it’s poison and a science experiment.

I don't want my farmer to be wearing protective clothing and face masks!

I don’t want the farmer of my food to be wearing protective clothing and face masks! Says something about how dangerous the chemicals are.

By being prepared, having a budget and knowing exactly how much food you eat each week, you won’t over buy and stuff won’t go off. For example I eat approximately a carrot a day, so I buy 7 carrots when I go to the shop. If they’re in season usually I eat about 9 fuji apples a week, so I buy 9. I’m not guessing when I’m at the organic shop and buying more than I need. It’s based on knowing your body, how much you need to eat and your nutrient and energy requirements.

I always think in terms of building my health, building my immune system, making my cells out of real food. Eating foods that won’t cause me digestion issues.

I once read –  

“Health is not just the absence of disease. It is a feeling of total well-being on the Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual levels of a person’s life.” and that’s so true. Just because you don’t have a viral infection now, doesn’t mean your healthy.

Obstacle number 6I’m too tired after work to go to the gym.

Well two things I think here. First of all, you’re not eating foods that give you energy. Anytime you eat foods that take more energy to digest, than what they actually give you, will rob your energy. You need energy to run your digestive and eliminative system to get rid of the chemical food you’ve just eaten. So energy for gym will be robbed. This is why so many people are tired all the time and are reaching for the coffee and the caffeine/sugar drinks to keep themselves awake, which is only going to burn your adrenal glands out, and make you sick down the line.

Even if I was tired after work and didn’t feel like working out, I would do “Work in” exercises, like stretching and tai chi which will give me energy.

Caffine boosts aren't going to give you long term health.

Relying on caffeine boosts to get you through your day, aren’t going to give you long term health. 

The second thing is this. I can’t stand the thought of waking up, going to work, coming home, watching tv, going to bed, waking up, going to work, coming home, watching tv, bed. Weekend comes, get drunk forget my life, sleep all day Sunday, watch movies. That would be a recipe for obesity, mental health problems, depression, pain and disease in my opinion. You gotta have time for yourself, to exercise, to be creative, to connect and share love. Watching TV is not character building, it’s not challenging, and it’s called the idiot box for a reason. You need your own goals and interests outside of work. You are NOT your job. You are a lot more than that.

If I had an office job, I would make sure I eat like I’m suggesting and then get to the gym, for my own mental health, stretch out all my tight muscles from sitting all day, and expend energy so I can sleep at night. I may even work out in the morning before work, and I would definitely be at the gym probably 2 hours on Saturday and Sunday.

If a do need a meal on the go, which happens sometimes, usually it  consists of a few raw eggs yolks, a piece of fruit and a spoonful of coconut oil, and that’ll give me energy, nutrition and keep away hunger for a few hours until I can get to my kitchen to make something more substantial. It might sound unappealing to some, but it’s just adopting the mindset of eating for sustenance and nutrition rather than taste.

Steamed vegetables, onion, garlic and diced lamb. 2 servings worth made in 15.29.

Steamed vegetables, onion, garlic and diced lamb. 2 servings worth made in 15.29.


I know my ways would seem extreme to some, to others it will just be common sense, while others will smile and say, “Yep, that’s Adam.” Everything I’ve suggested though, I’ve done before, or are currently doing. Like most, I value my time and I don’t want to spend all my time cooking, shopping and preparing meals. I look for short cuts too, but never on the quality of my food. Always organic.

Start to finish 15 minutes, 29 seconds.

Start to finish, meal cooked and served in 15 mins 29 sec

You may not adopt everything I’ve suggested, you can tweak them to suit your own tastes and lifestyle. The key is to make a few meals when you do have time to cook, to make up for when you need to eat when you don’t have time to prepare a meal.

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” Get that willingness to want to be at your best.

To finish with, I’d like to introduce you to Alix, one of my clients who has impressed me immensely with her passion and creativity toward her food and cooking. She’s taken over from where I left off to take things to the next level.

Here's Alix. You can see her clean healthy appearance, from her clean healthy diet.

Here’s Alix. You can see her clean healthy appearance, from her clean healthy diet.

Alix, you recently changed a lot of your food to only organics, what health benefits have you noticed from doing so?

I have noticed that I feel a lot less bloated, my digestion has improved, clearer skin.

How about the price? Is it more expensive?

I don’t find it any more expensive than shopping at the supermarket because you can buy everything there. At the organic shop, you can only buy the fruits and veggies that are in season. Also with eating organic foods I feel I don’t eat as much, so I don’t need to buy as much.

You’ve also had meals where from peer pressure you’ve gone back to eating non organic food, tell us about that.

Yes, sometimes it very hard to avoid these situations. After I have eaten non organic meals I feel bloated and stomach craps. The next day I feel tired.

You’ve become quite the chef also, making desserts, and main meals that look and taste amazing, tell us about that.

Awww…thanks 🙂 I really enjoy cooking and I think keeping things interesting in the kitchen is the key to keeping on track with healthy eating. Plus I like showing people that just because something is healthy does not mean its boring or tasteless.

I always go on about the benefits of eating organ meats. Alix has put chicken liver in with mince meat and made sheppards pie. Amazing!

I always go on about the benefits of eating organ meats. Alix has put chicken liver in with mince meat and made Sheppard’s pie. Amazing!

How do you go at work eating organic. When do you prepare it? What do you prepare?

The hardest part about eating organic at work for me is when the other girls I work with buy hot chips from the shop next door. Lol.. I prepare my food either the night before or in the morning before work. I often have salads as they are easy to prepare. But I think it’s also a great idea to have a few snacks for when I feel like picking. I always have nuts, fruit and some of those treats I like to make.

You also made the decision to give up alcohol, why is that?

I feel like nothing good comes from drinking alcohol. I can’t have a few drinks and feel fine the next day. I feel sick even from having a few drinks. If I’m changing the food I’m eating why would I ruin it all with drinking alcohol.

Tasty salmon and vegetables

Tasty salmon and vegetables

Bacon and eggs, salad and banana smoothy made with raw milk.

Bacon and eggs, salad and banana smoothy made with raw milk.

How I used to cook organ meat. Lol. So simple. Now I make them much tastier with garlic, onions and tomato. Gotta try this sheppards pie though.

How I used to cook organ meat. Lol. So simple. Now I make them much tastier with garlic, onions and tomato. Gotta try this Sheppard’s pie though.

She's even made pumpkin and dark choc chip cookies. Amazing!

She’s even made pumpkin and dark choc chip cookies. Amazing!

I wouldn't write it if it doesn't work.

I wouldn’t write it if it doesn’t work.


2 Responses to “Would I survive a 9 to 5 job?”

  1. Madryt February 7, 2013 at 2:36 pm #

    Thank you for another excellent post. The place else could anyone get that type of information in such a perfect means of writing? I’ve a presentation subsequent week, and I’m at the search for such info.

  2. Driver Dean February 10, 2013 at 6:56 pm #

    What you propose is about being energised and organised with your eating and your body will respond accordingly.
    Good food IN a betta life OUT.
    Health is sustainable with your input and your wanting to change – and understanding the limits of your unique self.I am now actively re- setting my own eating habits but have not totally gone organic;still enjoy a beer but without the crisps.
    Driver Dean

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