8 Fun-damentals of feeling great all the time!

18 Apr

The health of YOU the individual is the most important thing. Without your health, what do you really have? You can’t play sports or exercise like you want to if your joints are always sore and stiff. You can’t go for a jog on the beach if you wake up everyday feeling sluggish and unmotivated. You can’t do your work or study to the best of your ability if you’re eating and drinking garbage processed food and sick poisoned factory farmed animals. You can’t find the person of your dreams if you’re constantly tired all the time.

You get the idea. If your health and well-being is not being taken care of by YOU then everything in your life is not going to be able to be done at its greatest potential.

So what are some of the key things you need to do to in order to feel your best, so you can give your best.

Number 1 is sleep

You gotta get enough sleep. Our bodies are linked to the movements of the sun. When the sun rises our cortisol levels begin to rise and we’ll naturally awaken. When the sun goes down, we start to get sleepy, our growth and repair hormones rise and we begin to recharge for the next day.

 It doesn’t really happen like that in today’s world though. We keep our awakening hormones high for longer than we’re naturally programmed to and our bodies don’t get the proper rest and recovery times.

Physical repair best happens between 10pm and 2am and mental repair happens between 2am and 6am. So every minute you go to bed after 10pm, you’re limiting your potential for physical repair to happen.

Number 2 is having a positive mental outlook

Walking around with fear and worry is not fun. I remember reading an old metaphor, it goes something like this. A grandfather is preaching to his grandson. He says, “Son, there are two wolves living inside of us. One is full of hatred, anger, greed and jealousy. The other is full of love, compassion and happiness. They constantly fight everyday.” The grandson inquires curiously, “Which one wins?” The grandfather says, “Whichever one you feed.”

So you gotta surround yourself with positive people and positive things, positive thoughts and things that inspire you to come from a place of love, and this will attract love and happiness to your life. Always think that things are going your way. And if things do seemingly go bad, it’s just a challenge. An opportunity for you to rise and overcome that challenge.

Number 3 is loving yourself

Self love is so important and if your relationship with yourself is full of love, then it will flow into your relationships with others, your work, your creativity and the planet.

I found this to be so true a few years ago when at the place I used to work, every quarter we reviewed ourselves and our workmates on how well we thought we were doing in terms of living by the company values of honesty, committment, respect etc and also our relationships with ourselves, our workmates and our manager. And whenever I and my teammates rated me high on relationship with myself, my other scores were pretty much perfect. But when I was perceived to not be as happy within myself, all my other scores dropped.

This was an important lesson for me to constantly work on self-love.

Some may be asking, “How do I work on self-love?” Well, the answer I can give you is this. It’s in the language you use when you talk to yourself. You say things to yourself like, “I can do this.” “I love you” “I showed great courage there.” “Thank you for feeding me so well.” “Thankyou for that exercise session.” “Nothing breaks me” “This is a challenge, but I’ll overcome it” “I forgive myself.”

This kind of language repeated over and over starts to replace the negative chatter that most of us get conditioned with from an early age. When you get to the point that you can control your thoughts, you can control your emotions. And when you can control your emotions you can choose to live in the emotions that you most want to live in. 

I remember being upset one time and I kept looping this same thought over and over and over that was upsetting me. It was just running on auto pilot, looping and looping, and I remember getting really mad with myself and finally I decided to take back control of my thoughts. Whenever the thought popped up I replaced it by thinking about something that made me happy. The saying is, “Who’s driving the bus?” Are you driving your bus? Are you in control of what is going on between your ears?

Often times the things that you’re worried about never happen anyway, so you spent that precious time of your life worrying about nothing. Doesn’t make sense in the end.

Number 4 is water

We can live weeks on little to no food, but a few days without water and we’ll be dead. According to the book “Your body’s many crys for water” by Doctor F. Batmanghelidj, the body is composed of 75% water and he writes, “Water regulates all functions of the body.”

He also writes about the bodies water management system. So basically what that is, is if you’re not drinking enough water, the most important areas of the body will be prioritized with the minimal water you are taking in. So the brain and your other organs will get the water while lubricating your spine and other joints will be neglected which leads to dehydrated, stiff sore joints.

Water intake should be your weight in kg times by 0.03. So if you weigh 100kg, it’s recommended you should drink 3 litres a day and add a litre for every hour of exercise and more for warmer weather too.

It’s also recommended to add a pinch of organic sea salt to your water to add extra minerals into your water as a lot of water is low in mineral content which means your body will steal minerals from your bones and teeth in order to properly absorb the water.

Tap water is not recommended because of the hexafluorosilicic acid, chlorine and other heavy metals in the water.  

Number 5 is eating proper food

What do I mean by proper food? It’s simple, if it wasn’t around 10000 years ago, don’t put it in your mouth. We are biological creatures of the earth and we’ve survived and evolved millions of years living off the earth. It’s only the last 100 or so years that we’ve made radical changes to the foods that we eat, and also to the way in which we farm. And you can see the result of so-called “advances” in technology by taking a walk around society today. Our risk of cancer is now 1 in less than 2, up from 1 in 30 in the year 1900. Obesity in adults and children is constantly rising. Diabetes, heart disease, ADD, food allergies, degenerative diseases all rising. The amount of chemicals allowed in our food and water is shocking.

Even if you go to the fruit and veg store or the butcher and try to be healthy, unless you’re eating organically farmed food you’re still getting a nice dose of insect spray, antibiotics, pesticide residues, herbicides, fungicides, maybe even genetically modified produce as well as the fact that food grown with artificial fertilizer has significantly lower vitamin, mineral and trace mineral content of foods grown organically. 

 A quote from Western A Prices book “Nutrition and physical degeneration” published in 1939, “The country’s average level of general ability sinks lower and lower with each generation. Should the ballot be restricted to citizens able to take care of themselves? One out of four cannot.”

Another quote from the book “Long surgical experience has proved to me conclusively that there is something radically and fundamentally wrong with the civilized mode of life, and I believe that unless the present dietetic and health customs of the white nations are reorganized, social decay and race deterioration are inevitable.”

Foods that you eat should give you energy and a feeling of well-being. You shouldn’t feel tired, bloated, sluggish, sleepy and have cravings after eating. You shouldn’t need stimulants to get you going. You shouldn’t need a pre workout caffeine hit.

By listening intuitively to your bodies needs you will discover what foods you should eat. But you can’t properly listen intuitively to your body if you’re clogged with chemicals and following  some so-called “experts”  diet book or making decisions based on flawed, bought and paid for so-called “scientific” research. Everyone’s nutritional needs is dynamic, individual and based on your racial and ethnic background.

I can tell you this though, no ones individual needs are chemically grown processed food, man-made fats, pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, genetically modified food, factory farmed animals raised inhumanely that are fed engine oil, saw dust, plastic pellets, sewage, dead animal remains and mouldy grains that were unfit for human consumption.  



 Number 6 is exercise

Being physically active daily is key for feeling great and performing great. This means exercising at an intensity that makes you sweat. Using free weights, and body weight exercises to maintain and build muscle mass and bone density. Moving your body in all 3 planes of motion. 

Not overusing cardio vascular exercise. Listening to your body daily and doing tai chi, posture, flexibility and yoga type movements if you’re not feeling like lifting weights that day.

Getting exercise daily that you enjoy really makes you feel good physically and mentally.

Number 7 is taking quiet time for yourself

This really recharges the spirit and gives you a chance to express yourself and your love creatively. This could involve making things for loved ones, reading books that interest you, making music, playing an instrument, hiking, painting, meditating, yoga, gardening, goal setting. All this stuff is important and is great for overall health and providing a balance to busy society life.

Number 8 is keeping stresses down

 This ties in with number 2, 3 and 7 really, but it’s so important to be able to be honest with yourself and manage your stresses. Stress summates in the body and comes in many different forms. For example getting sun burnt is stressful on the body. Eating poor quality food is stressful on the body. Dehydration is stressful on the body. Over exposure to chemicals is stressful on the body. Poor quality thoughts is stressful on the body. Being too hot, or too cold is stressful on the body. Doing too much is stressful on the body. So you have to be aware of these things so you are not over spending your resources and depleting yourself. Which will wear you down over time and eventually to some kind of dis-ease.

By following these 8 principles you will find a great sense of life and love that will flow through you daily. You’ll be an inspiration and a positive energy to others and the planet.


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