21 Jul

New dates are up for Wednesday and Saturday fitness. Come and experience the fun that we have while working out hard. Check it out under the services heading.

Last post I wrote about the 4 white devils, white flour, white sugar, processed table salt and pasteurized dairy. I’m very proud of some of you out there, who can now name them and have taken them out of their diet. People have reported that they notice how much better they feel and how the size of their belly is decreasing. This is great stuff.

Today I want to talk about respect. It seems to be when you talk to adults brought up on old school values, of working hard, loyalty, respect, earning what you have, they talk about the kids today and how these values are being lost. How no one wants to work anymore and just have everything handed to them. Unfortunately this is the direction society is headed, and I pledge to all of you, if you know and were raised with values to keep those values going, and to set the example for the youngsters of today. We can’t leave the old school values and skills left behind. It is a much more powerful learning for the students when the teacher actually lives what they are preaching and holds themselves to a higher standard.

How does old school values affect people’s health? Well, there’s an old saying, “How you do anything, is how you do everything.” And what that means is, if you disrespect your family, your employer, your friends or strangers in the street. You disrespect yourself. And a body that is disrespected will eventually start to show symptoms, and when you ask it to do things for you, it’ll say “No.” Joints will become sore and inflamed, back pain and injuries will prevent you from doing things. You might decide to run to “get fit” but you can’t because your feet, ankles and knees hurt, then where are you at? Your body will say something like, “You’ve been treating me like sh**, not respecting my daily nutritional needs, feeding me poison chemical crap, dehydrating me, not exercising me, and you want me to do that. I’m sorry, I can’t.” Or, “I’ll try, but it’s going to be below standard and cause a lot of pain before, during and afterwards.”

The body doesn’t lie. If you want to look good, feel good, feel fit, be strong, be able to fight off viruses that are going around, you have to treat it nicely, feed it what it needs to run optimally, exercise it when it’s energetic, rest when you’re tired, get the right amount of sun and do things that make you happy, be playful, creative and have a positive attitude towards life and you will feel all the good feelings you want to feel.


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