6 Jul

All food eaten needs to be organic.

You will notice a massive increase in your health and the taste. The amount of crap sprayed on commercially grown vegetables is not healthy. These pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and fungicides are designed to attack the pest’s nervous system andhormonal systems and this is exactly the problems that humans have.

People say to me, it’s too hard to eat organic, or I don’t have time to get it. It’s BS. You have time to watch Bondi rescue, home & away, the amazing race, the AFL, all the episodes of the OC or document your life on facebook or any other BS like that. None of that should come before your health. What happens when you’re health is gone? You can’t enjoy any of those shows on the light box. What’s the old saying? “A sick person has one wish, while a healthy person has many wishes.”

I can think of 3 people off the top of my head, who have tried and stuck with organic eating. All of them have reported that they rarely, if ever get sick now, while they used to suffer from colds frequently. If they do get sick now, it may only last one day or a few days while housemates or friends will be suffering for weeks with it. All 3 of them have reported also that going back and eating so called, “normal” food tastes disgusting now and they feel bloated when they eat it.

But that’s the way society is. We grow up on this chemical food, poisoned animals and packet food crap, because we don’t know any better and we end up having no idea of how good real food actually tastes. People ask me what supplements or vitamins do I take, I say; I don’t need that science lab BS. Science labs can’t beat Mother Nature’s wisdom. Since the advent of the microscope we have gotten sicker and sicker as the scientists look at smaller and smaller things. They don’t look at the big picture of health anymore.
What’s the definition of a specialist? “Someone who knows more and more, about less and less till eventually they know absolutely everything about nothing.”

If you want to know more about this stuff, look up on Youtube, Paul Chek “The dirt facts” and watch that whole lecture. It’s very insightful. Get yourself a copy of Western A Prices book, “Nutrition and physical degeneration.” And also go and hire or buy the documentary “Food Inc” The current mainstream way of doing food, is designed for our health to fail. You gotta get educated and break out of the mould. Your mouth is not a garbage can where you can just continually put poison chemical garbage food in it and expect good health.

Remember that your skin cells are turned over every 3 days, your bones cells every 3 weeks and every cell in your entire body is replaced every 7 years. You are what you eat. Personally, I don’t want to be making myself out of garbage and I don’t want you or your loved ones to either.


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